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Left-Handers School Experiences Survey
Analysis of results:
Countries of respondents

We had people from over 50 different countries complete the survey, reflecting the worldwide nature of the Left Handers Club. This is the full list of countries and numbers.

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Argentina 1
Australia 14
Barbados 1
Belgium 4
Belize 1
Brazil 2
Canada 49
Chile 1
Croatia 1
Cyprus 1
Denmark 1
England 202
Finland 1
France 3
Germany 6
Honduras 1
Hong kong 1
Hungary 2
Iceland 1
India 4
Iran 1
Ireland 12
Israel 1
Italy 2
Japan 1
Jersey 1
Lebanon 1
Malaysia 5
Mexico 1
N Ireland 7
Netherlands 3
New Zealand 8
Norway 3
Pakistan 1
Peru 2
Puerto Rico 1
Scotland 20
Singapore 4
Slovenia 1
South Africa 7
Spain 2
Sri Lanka 1
Sweden 3
Switzerland 2
Turkey 2
Uganda 1
UK 110
Uruguay 1
USA 461
Wales 12

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