Handwriting lesson plans for teachers

– for right and left-handed children

imageAnything Left-Handed are pleased to have been involved with educational supplier Stabilo in the development of an excellent new Key Stage 2 Handwriting Resource Pack. Written in conjunction with the National Handwriting Association, we have created 7 lesson plans tailored to meet the National Literacy Standards for handwriting, and have included plans specifically for left-handed writers.

The pack includes information and lesson plans for the following subjects:

1. Why is handwriting important?

2. What does your handwriting say about you

3. Different writing styles

4. Are you a leftie or a rightie?

5. How neat is your handwriting?

6. Size and spacing

7. Developing speed

If you are interested in helping left handed children with writing, we are sure you will find our video on this very helpful –

Click here to watch our writing video (opens in new browser window)

Download the lesson plans free as an Adobe PDF file

We have these lesson plans available as a free download to visitors to this web site so you can get the benefit of them wherever you are in the world.

Here are the download links for your lesson plans.

The lesson plans are Adobe PDF format documents and if you do not already have the Adobe Reader you can get a free copy here – Click here to download the free Adobe Reader

Click here to open / download the lesson introduction

(pdf file 414KB, 1 page)

Click here to download the lesson plans and supporting materials

(pdf file 1.7MB, 16 pages)

Once you have opened the files you will be able to save a copy to your own computer or, alternatively, right click on the links above and select “save target as..”

Problems downloading the lesson plans?

If you have any problems opening or download in the pdf files on your computer,

Click here to download both items in a zip file

Stabilo pens

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Stabilo rollerball pen

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