Survey of left-handers’ school experiences

There are lots of great things about being left-handed, but it can sometimes be hard trying to learn to do something in a right-handed way or with right-handed tools. Nowadays, many schools are realising that it’s not fair to make us left-handers do things “back to front” and that left-handers deserve to be just as comfortable when they learn. There are lots of really useful left-handed teaching aids and equipment that are now available to schools, but some teachers still aren’t using them! That’s why we’re asking you to fill in this survey to tell us how well your school looks after left-handed pupils.

Please complete as much of the survey below as you can by ticking the relevant boxes and adding your comments in the boxes on the right. If you have left-handed brothers/sisters or children at school please get them to complete the survey too. We will review all surveys submitted and report on them in the next Left-Handers Club Newsletter as well as preparing a report to be issued to the press for Left-Handers Day on August 13th.

If the survey confirms the impression we get from members’ emails and letters that there is still a challenge facing left-handers in school, we will also be following up with a campaign to make more teachers aware of the needs of left-handed children.

The survey only took about 5 minutes to complete – depending how many comments were made

*** We are not currently taking new submissions for this survey ***

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