Left-Handers School Experiences Survey Analysis: Advantages

Comments on advantages for left-handed students

This is the full list of comments people made on what advantages they thought they had as left-handers in school.

It makes you unique
Well, i was a curiosity
A left-handed teacher favours me…hehe
advantage i was only one in my class i like being different
Although I didn’t learn to drive while I was at school, because the steering wheel is on the right, using the left hand to change gear is handy, although I have never driven abroad so don’t know what it’s like to change gear with my right hand.
Any art class. It was an advantage in my CAD classes.
art – creative talent
Art – more artistic flare!
Art class-we did an exercise once where we were all told to use out left hands to draw. The Art teacher did not realize that I was already left-handed, and he was surprised when I did my usual good job!
Art, language, music
Art, music – creative subject – over all quickness
art, the assumption that we leftys do well has allowed teachers to be more helpful and understanding to help adapt to equipment, etc.
art/ creative
Arts ed, I’m more creative
at college being a lefty I could finish the paper earlier
basically everything because you are ALWAYS different
Because everyone else is right handed.
Because left handed people tend to be more creative it has helped in that way.
because left-handed people use the right-hand side of our brains, it makes me be good at logic and maths when they are needed
because you have to learn to do things right handed, you’re pretty good at it, so when you have to use your left hand, you’re better than everyone else
being left handed in my opinion is indifferent
Being left-handed has been an advantage because it helps me look at situations or attack problems from a different perspective (it helps me work outside the box)
Being lefthanded in school was a problem in math, my thought process in working problems was totally backwards, I could come up with the answers but showing my work, formulas was always incorrect
being to different to nearly the whole class
Believe the mind worked better with Math and science(abstract thought) due in part to this ambidextrous or left handed. Language more difficult though
but has not been a disadvantage
Computers, I can use my right hand to use the mouse and write notes with my left hand. It helps get projects done faster
creative writing
Definitely an advantage in sports.
eating lunch there are two spots on a table that I won’t bump into any while eating.
for those students who tried to cheat during tests,copying the answer from me.
gifted learning
I am a lot more creative than some others as a result of being left-handed
I am better at art and more creative.
i can not think of an but that is because the righties make it that way.
i can write a lot faster so it is easier and faster to get work done
I could use my right hand for other things and that allowed me to multitask more than the other students.
I don’t know if you’d count it a left-handedness, but I believe the enhanced right-brain activity has given me an advantage in creative/artistic ability.
I don’t recall any advantage
I feel, as researched, I enjoy my favourite subjects (art and design) due to being left-handed
I found I had more left-handed peers in creative writing classes and it philosophy classes. It made things feel a little more equal.
I get more attention because I am the only lefty
I get to sit in the few lefthanded desks regardless of where they are located in the classroom
I got to use the teacher’s scissors because the kid scissors wouldn’t cut with my left hand
I have always had trouble with my writing and no specialist help was ever given by my tutors
I have discovered that most left handers can read upside down and backwards along with writing that way too. I sure have fun when we have a backwards day because I write everything on the board upside down and backwards and provide small mirrors to the class. They love it also.
I hear that lefties think with the musical/creative side of their brains, so that has helped me with all of my music activities. Music was my main activity in high school, and I’m pursuing it as a career. I’d like to think that some of my talent in that area has could be attributed to my left-handedness.
I like being different in a way and I think it might be a sign to a more creative mind.
I say it has been an advantage because I never looked upon it as a disadvantage.
I see things differently so solve problems in a different way to most. i’ve been very creative and into web design, music, crochet/knitting, calligraphy, art etc and have been able to excel at it at a faster rate than the rest in the class.
I think I write neater because I am left handed.
I think my problem solving skills are above average because of having to either train myself on right-handed equipment, or figuring out how to use right-handed equipment with my left hand and still function properly.
I think that in music left-handedness has a profound positive effect.
I think the biggest thing was problems with reading / writing that I do tend to associate with being left handed. I reverse letters, words move as I read the, etc. This meant I really struggled with all languages. I have over come it all now – though writing is still tough – especially working at a university!
I understand abstract concepts better
I wanted to read from the bottom of the book from right to left up the page.
I was – well scratch that. I’m sure that it has expanded my perspective. I was always good at creative writing. Not the grammar part but putting the imagination to work. I always read a lot. I think this is an offshoot of the imagination thing.Was able to teach myself and my 3 grade class fractions when the teacher couldn’t.

I had taught myself a year earlier. Intuition – I knew the answer before I knew why or how it was the answer. I could then be called on. While the teacher was calling on me I could be figuring out the 3 reasons why that was the answer. My right handed parents and my computer/engineering schooling later in live trained it out of me. I have just recently tried retraining it back with little success so far.
I was always every good at arts & crafts
I was considered as a strange thing of the nature. Fortunately in these days, each one is free to use the left part of the body, but it would be better more attention to have the SAME OPPORTUNITIES in the educational system
I was good at craft pottery etc,etc
I was never on the same team as my buddy, since there was only one left-handed mitt between us. Advantage, not sure, but it worked out as we both got picked if one was .
i was often ridiculed in grade school for writing “the wrong way”
I went to an arts school, and I’ve got to say, the proportion of left-handed students attending as opposed to a regular school was amazing! There were so many more of us there, and it leads me to believe that those surveys about artistic leftys is all true.
if there is one, i sure would like to know what it was
I’m smarter. 147IQ
improved ability to use either hand to manipulate work in DT.
In a spontaneous school school yard fist fight, the right handed opponent never knew what to do. I could usually land a few good blows to the face and gain a quick advantage.
In band it is an advantage because when it comes time to play difficult rhythms on the left hand its much more easier for me.
In cello playing, as noted above.
in driver’s head, because the steering wheel in the the left side i can parallel park using one one hand on the wheel
in hockey it is harder for people to tackle you
in making me more unique!
In shop courses. I can use many tools efficiently with either hand; wrenches, hammers, saws, etc.
in some things but its not an overall advantage/disadvantage to me.
In sports because people are not used to blocking left handed people or scoring on them.
It makes cutting, using machinery and some sports more difficult.
It makes it hard for other people to copy me!
It makes me feel more unique.
It makes problem solving easier as lefthanded people assume there is more than one way do to almost anything.
It ‘s difficult to give examples but throughout the years I noticed that left-handers are better in problem-analysis and -solving than right-handers. Probably because we have encountered more situations in a right-handed world which we had to cope with everyday, no matter how small or how big these daily problems were.
It was an advantage in playing field hockey for PE; my classmates had a hard time adapting to me hitting from the opposite direction.
It was easier to get the first punch in. No one expects the left hand to strike first! LOL
I’ve always excelled at art, and am a professional artist. I asked a lot of other tattoo artists on a message board whether they were right or left handed, and over half of us are lefties.
I’ve noticed that the left-handers I know all have a very good visual memory and that can come in quite handy in some classes.
Left-handed people are creative and mot of them are good at art
Left-handers are discriminated against.
math and sciences were a lot easier for me
music and art
My art teacher was the only one who recognised by artistic ability was linked to my handedness.
My art was different, especially chalk or charcoal, as my “dragging” left a cool effect on the paper.
my art work definitely. my teacher is left handed so he has all da tools. it is easy for me to learn from him as well as i just copy what he doesn’t i don’t have to reverse what he does like i do in other lessons it great !
not sure about this one but i was always good at anything practical and very fast at working out mental arithmetic because i am not only l/h but completely left sided so use the left side of my brain more effective than my right.
Once at a project we had to write upside down.
Only because lefties are infinitely cooler than everybody.
Other than being right handed in sports and the use of tools, I write with my right hand on a blackboard or white-board
Other than the occasional racket/bat sports mentioned above, not really
people get confused with my techniques so in competitions it’s definitely an advantage!
People perceive me as smarter if I mention I am a lefty.
perhaps creativity…(right brained?)
playing the recorder in 4th grade because you only left hand
Precision when moving hands or legs-
Probably art, and language.
Really doesn’t bother me.
Really no problem except with desks and fountain pens.
Sign Language Class, I can finger spell and Sign fast, and fluidly
Since I use the mouse with my right hand, I can write simultaneously with my left. Also applies to marking things off which is easy with the right hand. And of course, it doesn’t matter which side the door handle is on 🙂
Some people think you are cool! :)))
some times in batting sports as the fielders stand on the other side
The advantage is not so much being in left handed, more correctly the advantage comes from being right brained. The ability to think “outside of the box”. Other advantages were in art, poetry and music.
the arts
The only advantage I’ve noticed is mental.
Theatre, Music, English
Top art student. Left-handedness helps with my drawings.
We are able to do things from different angles than right handed people
We had an annual talent competition and I was always top 5 as I can write backwards (mirror image e.g. egami rorrim) really quickly. Class mates would shout out sentences and I’d get someone else to stand at the board and we would write the sentence, I’d do it mirror and someone else normally and I’d usually finish first and then we’d hold a mirror against the board at a right angle and you could read the sentence clearly.
well it makes me feel more unique 🙂
Well obviously lefties are superior at everything; but I I’ve learned to think outside the box and I’ve learned how to use things in different ways to accomplish what I need to do.
Well, it made me feel special
we’re smarter right! 🙂
We’re smarter, aren’t we?
when sitting at a desk if the right handed person sits to the right of the lefty it gives each other more space and we don’t bump into each other.
When we have discussion about handedness, we are happy to stand up for lefties
working with others on art – we can both work on opposite ends of the paper.
Writing has been a great advantage and also the fact that i can write about something not a lot of people have experiences in.
Yes and no. It is difficult to contend with the right-handed bias, but I still wouldn’t trade in my uniqueness for convenience.
Yes and no. Sports have an overall advantage for sports like soccer, rugby, football, baseball, etc. but not really at school…it’s a bit more of a disadvantage.
Yes, art and music have always been easy
Yes, I feel I am more creative because of all the adaptations I have had to make. I am also semi-ambidextrous.
You know what they say, lefthanders are in their right minds. I think lefties use more of their brain because of adaptation to a right handed world.
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